Always remember, money isn’t everything – but also remember to make a lot of it before talking such fool nonsense.

Eearl Wilson.


Renting your property can be both time consuming and expensive!


Are you having a tough time with your rental agencies? Are you having a tough time with your tenants regarding payments etc?


I am pleased to tell you that I can manage your investment(s) for you or I can teach you on how to manage your investment(s) successfully!


I will cover the following points:  


*      5 easy steps to screen a tenant.

*      Rental income tips.

*      Stamp duty.

*      How to do Credit checks?

*      I will serve your tenant(s) with notices to re-new lease or vacate?

*      How to use incentives and penalties for success?

*      Landlord Protection Policy – I will protect you against defaulting tenants.

*      How to evict a tenant successfully without hassles? Remember there are two important acts to note when letting your property:

*      The Rental Housing Act.

*      The Prevention of illegal eviction from and unlawful occupation of land (PIE) Act.


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Addendum for sale



I am pleased to tell you that I have the best Addenda for you to use when purchasing property for yourself. This addendum (that is being updated at all times) will protect you against estate agents, financial institutions (including banks), etc. It covers suspensive conditions, occupation, transfer, and other terms/conditions. It quotes Restitution of Land Act, Act No. 22 of 1994.


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Some of the questions I have received:


Hi Wonga


I just want to find out, I got a buyer for the flat through a real state agent and Luzuko signed those document of offer to purchase and later an agent came back and told us that the buyer doesn't qualify, the bank rejected her offer, the buyer must settle some of his account first to qualify and they are also trying other bank to see if they can give her a loan but this is taking long and delaying the process of selling the flat because he want to sell the flat as soon as possible so we want to withdraw the offer with them what will be the implications because he already signed? 


kind Regards

Tsakane Shilubane (TK)


Hi Wonga

I want to buy a place to stay (town house)  but I'm not that knowledgeable in the property field.Please advice me about this if you can. I was looking at new developments and I actually don't know the difference between a good deal and a bad deal. What are my options? Do you have any advices? How do I get finances?How do I negotiate for prime rates?